BVB celebrity Gio Reyna radiates with strong fair game

As after the game on Saturday, the 19-year-old was incorrect after a penalty for BVB that was incorrectly provided for him to be withdrawn.

Is He claimed to the umpire: 'No foul! No nasty!', Bochum's goalkeeper Manuel Riemann confirmed to 1.

Staider got in touch with the video area in Fragrance for safety and watched the photos once more in the stadium. The unbiased came to the same end as the lead characters of the project, and he took back the penalty.

In the 42nd min, Reyna went to the ground after a battle with the Bochum Danilo Soars in the sixteen. Umpire Tobias Staider talked to Russia, that was already 2-0 during that time. Yet in addition to the VFL players, Reyna likewise objected the choice.

In the current 3-0 win of Borussia Dortmund against VFL Bochum, Giovanni Reyna was among the formative faces. In addition to his hit, the American likewise caused a mix with a solid reasonable play motion.

BVB: Go Reyna overtakes his papa

Also without the compelled penalty, Reyna was one of the match victors in Signal Idea Park on Saturday afternoon. In the 12th min, the offensive gamer had actually taken care of the 2nd BVB objective of the midday from the point. It was Reyna's initial penalty goal in the Bundesliga.

In addition to the VFL gamers, Reyna also objected the choice.

With his treatment, Reyna was possibly accountable for the fact that Staider took a better look at the scene. Even without the forced penalty, Reyna was one of the suit victors in Signal Idea Park on Saturday midday.

With his treatment, Reyna was most likely in charge of the fact that Staider took a more detailed look at the scene. There had been a get in touch with in the duel between Reyna and also Soars. From the challenger there was a lot of regard for the s spirit of the youngster.

With 8 occupation hits in the greatest German department, he also overtook his papa Claudio Reyna. In the 1990s, this had included Bayer Leverkusen and VFL Wolfsburg 7 times in the Bundesliga.