Netmarble Character Park Opens… Meet 'Seven Knights' hero

[ Moon Byung-soo] Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced on the 8th that it established 'Net marble Character Park' by installing Net marble's representative character sculptures in the outdoor rest space of the office building.

The Net marble Character Park, which is made up of 1,780 pylons, was created with the concept of a resting space for urban rest where you can relax with Net marble popular game characters. Walking along the park trail, Net marble's representative IP 'Seven Knights' and 'All Marvel' characters, as well as 'Second NARA', 'Magma', 'Seven Sins: Grand Cross' You can see the character sculpture. In order to improve the understanding of users, it is characterized by a signage with each character history.

The Net marble G-Tower, where the character park was created, parked 70%of the site to provide natural-friendly shelter to employees as well as residents of the neighboring regions. As it is an open space for anyone, there are also ecological ponds to install and take various facilities such as Pagoda, etc. to use and rest freely.


Soon Jae-young, head of Net marble IP Business Division, said, Net marble Character Park was planned to provide a comfortable and special spatial experience to Net marble employees and visitors. I expect to be positioned, he said. Net marble is also preparing a variety of activities in line with the trend that the character IP is expanding to various fields.