Steam Rogue Light Action SOULSTONE SURVIVORS early access started and rocket started. More than 10,000 people have a good play evaluation

On November 8, the developer GAME SMITING has launched Soul stone Survivors early access. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam), which also supports Japanese display. This work, which has been popular for users from the free trial version, has gained high evaluation and popularity with the early access distribution version.

Soul stone Survivors is a 3D action game overlooking. The game play includes elements similar to the hit work Vampire Survivors and the base Magic Survival. These are elements such as attacks automatically, defeat enemies in the flock to gain power up, inflate their power, and basically start over when defeated. It also has elements reminiscent of hack and slash games such as Diablo, which will build up skills by strengthening skills.

This work started distribution of early access around 21:00 on November 7, Japan time. After that, Steam's simultaneous number of players quickly exceeded 10,000. At the peak, it has recorded about 12,000 people and has gained a lot of success (Steam db). At the time of writing this article, Steam user reviews gained a status of very popular, which is popular with 92 % of 446 cases. Immediately after early access distribution, it has gained high popularity and reputation.

This work has been distributed from August 27 this year, Soul stone Survivors: Prologue, a free trial version. This is also popular, and Steam user reviews have gathered about 3,500 reviews, of which 96 % have been popular. The previous reputation in the trial version would have led to the popularity at the start of early access distribution.

I also want to pay attention to the large number of Twitch viewers. According to Steam DB, the number of Twitch viewers of this work has been recorded about 43,000 at the peak after early access distribution. Not only is the popular streamer distributing this work, but there are also aspects that game plays and high-prior reputation, similar to the popular work VAMPIRE SURVIVORS, are interested in viewers.

Soulstone The difference between the free trial version distributed earlier and the early access distribution version is that the early access distribution version adds an unlocked character and map. In addition, a wide variety of skills have been added, and the randomly of game play has increased, and the replayability has been greatly improved. In Steam User Review, the more playful players have been evaluated by players who have performed the trial version.

According to the Steam store page, the early access distribution period will be less than one year. The current content is about half of the content that is expected to be implemented at the time of official release, and it is likely that it will be more and more played in the future. Early access distribution roadmaps are also available, and it is expected that more than 200 skills, 80 or more weapons, 5 maps, and seven characters will be added in the future. The price of this work is 1200 yen. It is said that it may be raised at the time of official release, so if you are interested, you should purchase it as soon as possible.

Game Sing is working on this work. A developer by two teams, Allan Smith and Alex Sandro Marin ho. Currently, apart from this work, Rogue Soul stone is also developed, and is scheduled to be released in 2023. According to the Steam store page, this also supports Japanese display, so let's look forward to it.

Soul stone Survivors is being distributed early for PC (Steam). The price is 1200 yen.