The best Marvel Snap decks in Group 2

Marvel Snap allows players to collect cards in a fairly structured way, where the complete collection is divided into three groups. While you will not unlock your cards in the same order as other players, everyone will have exactly the same collection when they reach the end of a group. To help your range rise a little more easily, here are the best marvel snap dealers that you can build in Pool 2.

The best Pool 2 Marvel Snap decks

Your pool 2 options are a bit limited, but it is still possible to create some basic mallets with a constant power output to help you climb.

Discard swarm Sandman lane control Dino Diablo

Discard swarm

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  • Ant-Man
  • Sword Ice delivery
  • Night owl Morbid Angela swarm Bolton Bishop Mrs. Sigh America Chávez Apocalypse

Swarm is a small ingenious addition to your Repertoire of Descartes in Group 1, which gives you an additional discard goal as you flood the board. With both Möbius and Swarm, you can increase Möbius's power while you increase the amount of zero cost swarms in your hand to play on the last turn.

If you have apocalypse in your hand, even better. If not, Chavez also serves as a good alternative play in turn 6.

Carrie Control Sandman

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  • Ant-Man Ebony jaws Ice delivery KONG
  • Night owl Angela
  • alligator KAZAN
  • Sandman Blue wonder claw
  • spectrum

The objective of this deck is to play as many costs of cost 1 and 2 as possible in the first three shifts, and then play Sandman in turn 4 to limit your opponent's plays. Shifts 5 and 6 can continue with Law if you played Ebony Maw, or Blue Marvel and Spectrum after that.

Dino Diablo

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Sheriff 13 Sunspot Cable Sentinel

The The collector

  • Storm Jessica Jones
  • Anniversary
  • White Queen Diablo Dinosaur Odin Infant

Devil Dinosaur is easily one of the strongest Marvel Snap letters, even in group 2, and this deck is a mixture between on reveal skills and mischief of the size of one hand. Agent 13, Cable and Sentinel are all good goals for Odin to help you generate more letters to improve Collector and Devil Dino.

On the other hand, you have a natural synergy with Sunspot, Jubilee and Infant. Sunspot can win five powers if you skip turn 5 to play Infant, while Jubilee has the potential to deceive him early.

That is done by our selections of the the best Pool 2 decks in Marvel Snap . Be sure to search to get more tips and information about the game, including our selections for the best Pool 1 and Pool 3 decks.

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