7 Reons to Be Excited About the Umbra Witch

The Game Awards 2022 left us, among their numerous ads, an unexpected surprise the new title of the Platinum saga, Bayonet ta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon, a prequel to the trilogy of the witch of Umbra. It will be releed in Nintendo Switch on March 17, and if someone wonders is we can try it thanks to a demo, the answer is yes. And not only that: it turns out that it already exists and w hidden in Bayonet ta 3, do you want to unlock it?

How to unlock Bayonet ta's demo origin

Some users found the demo on their own, although before the announcement of the title they could not imagine what it w really. However, most do not even have knowledge of all this, unless the way of accessing the content is somewhat searched. Here are the steps to follow.

The first thing is to complete the story of Bayonet ta 3, since only in this way is it possible to access the necessary object. It is an old book available in Rodin's store. Once you have it in your power, you will see that it appears a decorative object on the screen that allows you to select the levels. However, there is something else: try to throw a dart, and you will discover that its function goes beyond decoration. However, the book is closed, for now... The problem is that to finally access the demo, you need to find 3 keys to use them in the aforementioned book.


They are hidden in chapters 1, 4 and 13. In the next video of the YouTube user Kakuchopurei you can locate their location without problems. What is inside is, finally, a Bayonet ta Demo Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon, and not a simple extra like people thought before their announcement at the Gala de The Game Awards 2022. Bayonet ta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon, the game will be put on sale on March 17, 2023, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Here you can see your trailer.