Hangin 'Super Baseball League' new player grade 'legend'. Hae -gin (CEO Lee Young -


Begin (CEO Lee Jong-il), a mobile game company, announced that it will launch a large-scale update of the Super Baseball League 'Super Baseball League', a mobile casual sports game that is developed and serviced.

The most noticeable change is that a new 'legend' player appears.

'Legend' is a rating given to a player who has a skill that goes beyond the major and all-star rating, and the legend pitcher has 'two signature pitches', and the legend batter is a stronger and faster hit than a power blow. It has special abilities.

The first legend player was the starting pitcher 'Joy star' and the shortstop 'Larry Blitz', along with two all-star players and three major players. .

In addition, the new stadium 'Pharaoh Park', which was built with the motif of North African Nile, opened, and played one player who wanted to grow up to the end of the end of the 9th, and accomplished the record in the game such as an anticipation or home run. Single content 'Personal Lesson' has been added to acquire gold.

The new chapter 'British' has been updated in the stage mode 'Short of Memory', and 'Welcome Event' for new users and various rewards for 28 days and 'Legend Player' in the 25th consecutive day attendance. The event is also held.

More information about the Super Baseball League, which shows more content through large-scale updates, can be found on the official Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/superbase colleague).