Judas The brand-new video game of the Bioshock creator

The release of Bios hock Infinite will quickly be ten years and given that then there has been no new part of the series. The action-packed Immersive Sim branch in the series is among the big games of the 2000s and 2010s. Ken Levine, the Developer of Bios hock, Bios hock Infinite, System Shock 2 and Burglar: The Dark Job has now exposed what his studio Ghost Story Games has actually worked on: Judas game.

The Legal of Bios hock: Judas in the gripping trailer

The Game Awards 2022 trailer for Judas reveals what players can expect-among other things, there are also household gameplay moments for bios hock fans-Judas relies on the tested concept of weapons in the right and unique skills in the left hand: Bios hock games in a high-gloss look at the ridicule cost: To remaster version of the 3 games is truly inexpensive!

what is Judas about?

Information on the story are still rare after the unveiling on the Video game Awards 2022, but Judas' setting assures a similar starting point as Bios hock. The main description mentions an apart spaceship and a desperate escape strategy. Gamers slip into the role of Judas, a mystical lady who is supposed to ally with her worst enemies to survive. It is also indicated that the chaos should be your fault-we are very delighted about upcoming information about the story! Judas is the title and at the exact same time the protagonist of the new video game by Bios hock creator Ken Levine. Source: Ghost Story Games

what kind of video game is Judas?

In regard to gameplay, Judas ends up being a single gamer shooter with a focus on story. So it does not vary excessive from Bios hock, which had actually set exactly these strengths in the underwater paradise of Rapture or the America utopia drifting over the clouds. In the course of the game, we get access to different weapons such as crossbows, handguns and a hammer (the bios hock pipeline pliers welcomes), but can also shoot flames or lightning from our hand. Shoot flames out of your hand? Inspect! The list of bios hock resemblances is the trailer of Judas Lang. Source: Ghost Story Games We set them against curious robotics with horse heads, little bots or even secured towers. A few of the NPCs revealed are also android and the SCIFI focus is clear. In conversation with Euro gamer, Ken Levine had actually just recently highlighted that the game (now unveiled as Judas) ought to become harder than the bios hock games. Plasmid in bios hock, salts in Bios hock Infinite... cookies in Judas? It is not yet clear where the forces originate from that Judas uses.

Source: Ghost Story Games

When does Judas appear?

And for which platform? There is still no clear release date for Judas, the Steam page speaks of quickly available, which recommends a release in 2023.


When the time comes, you will be permitted to play Judas on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. What do you all indicate? Do you already seem like Judas? Or do you need more gameplay impressions so that you are interested? Write us in the remarks! To the homepage to the gallery