'Kali', A New Job Added!

The showcase of 'Savior', a large-scale update of Maple Story's winter season, was held on YouTube. In the showcase, Sung Seung-heon Caster was in charge of the show, and King Wonk, general manager, and Kim Chang-seop, Director of Planning, participated.

Large-scale updates in winter will begin on December 22, and new characters Kali and new regions/bosses will be added. In addition to new factors, various improvements such as large-scale balance patches and Star Force reorganization are reflected.

※ Say Vision Showcase Commemorative Special Compensation: Non-Growth of Extreme Growth X1, Beauty Awards Molding/Hair Coupon X1, Custom Mix Dye Coupon

First Update-Balance Patch and Star Force Improvement [December 22 Update] Star Force is prevented from falling up to 15 stars. Balance patch also proceeds


Reduced required experience, accelerated early section growth due to an increase in daily quest experience acquisition

This winter update reduces the amount of experience requirements between level 220 ~ 260. In particular, the requirements for leveling up the 220 ~ 245 sections will be reduced. In addition, the amount of experience acquisition of the daily quest in the arcane river area can be significantly increased, and there are many experiences in special contents that are not provided.

In conjunction with these patches, the hunting ground for early 200 levels is also expected to improve, which is expected to speed up early growth.


Change to weekly quests! Arcane River Special Content Improvement

The difficulty of special content is significantly reduced. Levi's Dream breaker is reorganized as a midnight chaser and can be gained stable symbols. Spirit Xavier, which has been in access due to high difficulty, can also be mitigated and gamed with the maximum amount of the symbol without game over. The hungry auto is unified as a normal difficulty, and the EDA spectrum only appears, and the difficulty of the overall content falls down.

Arcane River's special contents will be changed from three times a day to three times a week and the burden of play will be reduced. In addition, various improvements related to growth are applied, such as the addition of symbol acquisitions in the Grands region.


Extreme mode rewards, Ice National Enhancement System

Exorcism strengthening is a reward for users who challenge the 'Extreme Mode' boss, the top difficulty. The IPCC National Enhancement is applied to the Black Tells 'Belt' and 'Rouge Control Machine Mark', which are relatively valuable. Exceptions require dedicated goods, but to strengthen the belt of dreams, the Black Wizard Extreme and Rose Control Machine Mark needs to be selected.

You can think of an extreme reinforcement as a 100%reinforcement. It can only be applied once for each equipment.


Improvement of the Star Force System 'Anti-Falling to 15 Castle' Star Force System

Star Force maintains the expected value and improves the probability deviation in the direction of reducing the probability deviation. First, the probability of destruction from 12 to 14 stars is deleted. In addition, the Star Force level does not fall if the reinforcement fails until the 15-star reinforcement. Instead, the cost of reinforcement from 11 to 14 stars is raised to maintain the reinforcement value.

On the other hand, the Supernal item does not apply to the improvement, and when the traces of destruction are restored, it is recovered to 12-star equipment as before.


There will be an exceptional adjustment! About 20 jobs balance patch progress

Skill improvement is carried out using various figures, including internal simulation results. The balance patch is based on a lot of data, so there will be more aggressive adjustments.

Zero and Kinesis, which many users have been required, are also improved, and skills that have been reduced because they need continuous renewal are also improved.

For more information on the balance patch, please visit the test server that will open at 21:00 on December 15.

Second Updatable/Rogue New Character 'Kali' Update [January 19 Update] Thief of stylish concepts based on high maneuverability!

New jobs, a plurality of winds, which will be introduced in a year and a half, will also be added as a winter update. Kali is a rogue of the LEV race using chakra. In Kali's storyline, Kali's story is not only a story about High ref.

Kali had fast attack speed and high maneuverability.

You can use the Kali-only skill 'Boyd Rush', which allows you to fight just by moving. Boyd Rush can move in eight directions and can attack and move simultaneously. In addition, it is expected to be useful in the boss battle that can reduce cooldown through the flagship.

Boyd Rush creates a charge in the field, which triggers the hex skill near the charge to activate a powerful effect. The use of Boyd Rush, Chart, and Hex for the right place is expected to be the core of Kali.

Kali can basically apply terraforming to grow up to level 200 by default. In addition, additional rewards such as pets and unique emblems are also available. In addition, Kali's wind event is also held. If you achieve the 200 level with Kali and check the attendance check, you can get various rewards such as extreme growth and coordination items.

3rd update-new boss 'Darling' appeared, adding new regions [February 23 update] The new boss Darling's required Ascetic figure is 330


The secrets of the grandfather are revealed, update of the new regional'Down Hyung'
Do Won-kyung is a place for the main character to regain the power of God. In Down Hyung, you can meet the 'top inspiration' in the form of 12 gods. Do Won-kyung is the world in the painting, and the four seasons coexist. Each season is guarded by all sides, and Caring and other forces appear.

The top inspiration in the Woman is a setting that knows the secrets of the opposition, so many secrets that have been hidden are expected to be released.


Strategy keywords are cooperative and positioning! New Boss Calling appeared

Darling, which is against the top inspiration, appears as a new boss. Caring is a new top boss, consisting of three phases. It is said that the point positioning and role division of the Caring strategy is expected to be an important boss as well as individual skills as well as individual skills. Caring's demand ascent force is 330.

Winter Event-'Restaurant' of Restaurant Concept [December 22 Update] Special Sunday class benefits that change every day!


Coin Shop Event with added experience compensation

Winter event is not much different from the existing event. You can get points by performing various missions, and collect coins to buy items. If you do a daily assignment, you can take a stamp, and you can get various items taken. In addition to coin shops, Memo Shop and Boss Coin Shop are available. A pass will also be sold to get additional rewards.

One difference is that you can get additional experience by carrying out daily quests. As the winter update includes a variety of changes to improve growth, it will be able to level up faster.


Special Sunday renews every day?! A special event that changes every week

This winter season, a new event will be held every 10 weeks. As the event is often held, the rewards are diverse, and there are many things to do. The first event 'Greeting Week of Wong Key' includes 'extreme growth', 'Church Island set' and 'Omsk Candy Pink Bean Pet', which is based on the number of Maple users who participated in the event. It is paid.

Spiel's Together Week is an experience event. It is an event that gains a large amount of experience by playing a mini-game, and you can play three mini-games, including events that have been well received.


Mini-games can be performed up to five times a day, so more experience can be obtained.

In 'Mine Game Week', various mini-games are held. The main compensation for the event is an appeal item. Lastly, the event is 'Mike's Power Up Week', which will be applied for a week for a week.


Add 100 core gemstones! Burning server benefits reinforcement

If you grow a character in Burning World, you can get more benefits. The level of the symbols paid is increased from 5 to 7, and 100 more core gemstones are added. In addition, 20,000 maple points are also paid, making it possible to foster more comfortable.


Collaboration hair/molding coupon includes! Black Pink Collaboration

In the winter showcase, BLACKPINK's own costumes were also released. A total of two coordination items have been released, and not only costumes, but also collaboration hair and molding coupons are included in the product.

In addition, new merchandising products in partnership with 'GS25' are sold, and collaborations with 'Life Cut' and 'Isaac Toast' will also be held during the event.


Farm improvement! Test server is open on December 15 at 21:00

Some farms that many users have demanded improvement are also improving. Farms have a significant increase in the number of monster combinations and doubles the monster's options. In addition, several improvements will be applied, such as shortening synthetic animation time.

Test servers with winter updates, including farm improvement, will be open on December 15 and 21.

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