New Tomb Raider Game With Unreal Engine 5 Collaboration From Amazon Games Revealed

Lara Croft fans can now celeate, as we will have the continuation of the Tomb Raider franchise. This is a partnership between Amazon Games and Crystal Dynamics to develop and distribute the game on multiple platforms, as well as the fact that its production will be with Unreal Engine 5 technology.

Continuation of Tomb Raider

The game will continue the adventures of Lara Croft, and promises to ing everything that made the franchise so famous: exploration, adventure, action, mystery, but also intend to innovate, making the game more expansive, and modernize it, as they will use Unreal Engine 5.


Tomb Raider has a legion of fans around the world and has been in the market for about 25 years and titles are often positively received by the public. Crystal Dynamics, the company responsible for this next title, has also taken charge of previous productions of Tomb Raider, as well as Legacy of Main. As for Amazon Games, this is one of its great partnerships, as the company is also involved in projects such as Lost Ark, New World and Blue Protocol. Considering this is such an acclaimed franchise and a partnership of two large companies that promised to deliver the biggest and best Tomb Raider game ever done We can expect controversial work, which will feature the latest technology and have the mission of please the most demanding fans.