Strange moods in Dwarf Fortress, how to deal with them and what they mean

In Dwarf Fortress, sometimes the gnome has a strange mood. If the strange mood ends, you will receive a new artifact for your fortress and, in most cases, a huge leap in the craft for dwarf, which completed it. In the worst case, your dwarf will go crazy, and you will not get anything. In total, Dwarf Fortress has five different types of strange moods, and how to deal with all of them.

FEI mood

FEI's mood is the most important of strange moods. They happen when the dwarf is happy, and the mood of the fortress is generally positive. When Fay Mood arises, you will see a notification that says: [Dwarf Name] captures FEI mood! The dwarf FEI will immediately run to a random workshop and begin to demand materials. If they cannot find their materials, they will express their requirements that can be found by clicking and choosing a workshop. These requirements will alternate between all materials and be clearly formulated in the mood of fairies, directly asking for materials such as robbed precious stones, stone blocks, etc. Make sure that you have materials, and dwarf will complete its artifact. They will also instantly become legendary in the skill that they used to create an artifact.

secretive mood

A secretive mood is functionally the same as the mood of the fairies, but it seems more often arises with a neutral or slightly unhappy mood. These moods will use the text [dwarf name] leaves society...

Dwarf with a secretive mood will make sketches of the required materials instead of clearly saying their requirements if they cannot find what they need. These descriptions can be found again by choosing a workshop that Dwarf claimed, but you will need to decipher their messages. As in the case of magical moods, secretive moods will also instantly become legendary in the skill that they used to create an artifact.

obsessed mood

Obsessed moods are found in a larger number of dwarves with a more negative mood. You will not receive any additional experience after the completion of the artifact. Dwarf will be mysterious in his message, vaguely describing the desired materials, and not clearly formulating them. Obsessed dwarves will mumble the name of the artifact, on which they work as soon as they have all the necessary materials. The message for the obsessed mood will read: [dwarf name] was obsessed!

The mood fell

In one of the most gloomy moods, the dwarf, who fell in a fallen mood, will try to capture the bench of a butcher or tanner, and then kill the nearest dwarf, drag the corpse into the shop and make some kind of dwarf leather. Or bone. You will find out that this is happening as the message [dwarf name] loses the rolling laughter, fell and terrible! This will instantly kill the nearest dwarf to the tuned dwarf, and then create an artifact. Depending on the created item, the owner of the mood will instantly become the legendary bone tower or tanner.

gloomy mood

Macabre Moods is similar to Fell Moods, but does not require an instant murder. Instead, the gloomy dwarf will need bones, skulls, parasites and other dirty materials. You can produce them by caring animals if you do not have them. The message that you will receive from this mood: [Dwarf Name] begins to track down and incubate... Again, this mood will instantly increase the dwarf skill in bone carvings or featherless to the legendary. Only unhappy or depressed dwarves will enter into a gloomy or fallen mood.


unsuccessful strange mood

If you cannot provide materials for a strange mood, your dwarf will go crazy in a few months. This will drive them crazy, with one of four different types of madness: the madness of Stark, melancholy, catatonia or berserker. Barrier's gnomes will attack other gnomes and randomly pull the levers, and you will most likely have to kill them. Other effects of insanity will simply force the dwarf to stop responding, unable to perform tasks and upset other dwarves that will see them. Most likely, they will die a few months after madness. To learn more about games such as Dwarf Fortress, get acquainted with the 12 best games such as World in games for professionals.