World of Warcraft News: A Dream Long Awaited

World of Warcraft is one of the most successful and long-standing MMORPGs. It first came out in 2004, so it's been around for a while now. One of the longest-running quests in the game has always been for night elves to become guardians, even though they're seen as enemies by this race. Well, 18 years later we still haven't seen any change in how night elves looked like, but Blizzard finally delivered!

A dream for night elves in Wow ends up being real. After 18 years you can finally look like a genuine guardian-and that completely. Playing a night elf, as it was displayed in Warcraft III-many players in World of Warcraft have actually been dreaming of this for a long time, now for nearly 18 years. With Dragon Flight and the upcoming Patch 10.0.5, this dream needs to lastly come real. Due to the fact that the next upgrade brings 2 brand-new sets with which your characters can run around as a guardian. What kind of set is that? Towhead's associates have currently read 2 brand-new sets on the PTR Patch 10.0.5 with the names Moon Warden Set and Sun Warden Set. The Sun Warren set has the typical colors of the night elves, i.e. a dark green with gold decors and some metal components. The Moon Warren set, on the other hand, is kept in silver colors of the moon and aesthetically reminds of the clothing of nighttime priests. What is intriguing about these sets is that they have half a skirt and pants-so far in Wow, this has actually been almost not for gamers.


What are guards? The guards have a special function in the society of the night elves and are not just the detainees of the prisoners, however likewise represent a sort of cops at the Caldera. They are responsible for the persecution of wrongdoers and typically look after the enforcement of the Judgment. Guardians are extremely regarded in the culture of the night fairies and just a little manage to link this covenant. How do you get the sets? According to the current status, this will be possible through the trading position. This is a new system that is presented with spot 10.0.5. During the trading position, players with an active playing time routinely get merchants at the beginning of a month and can earn more in the course of the month. This foreign exchange can then be exchanged for rewards-such as mounts, toys, family pets or unique transmit sets. According to the current status, these 2 guards sets are then cost dealer trees. Toys offer replacement: At least briefly players are already able to change their character into a guardian. Due to the fact that throughout the Legion extension (and still now) you could earn the Sir's replacement range to the Guardians faction. This visually changes your own character into a guard for a couple of minutes, but has 2 hours of cooldown and is for that reason just appropriate for short-lived changes. With spot 10.0.5, a long-term night fairy ought to come real and everybody can live out their inner Maier in the future-role gamers are of course especially pleased about this innovation. How do you like the 2 sets? Would you let your night elf run around as a guard?