How To Get Your Hands On A Glider In Genshin Impact - A Comprehensive Guide

Do you desire to considerably assist in the discovery of the world in human impact? A glider would certainly help you make your method on the map, and unlock one is relatively basic. You simply need to know the ideal instructions and understand how to arrive. You can unlock it after reaching Ronstadt, and you can do it by speaking to Amber, who welcomes you in the city. It offers you the quest for the City of Liberty and joins your group. It has a separate area to follow on the map, explaining what has actually taken place in the area recently, in addition to the recent Storm terror attacks. Once you arrive of the city shown by the Waypoint on the map, Amber provides you a wind glider. A new waypoint appears at the bottom of the city. Dive from the edge and press the moving button to trigger your wings when you are prepared. You can easily slide through the city and reach Waypoint. You do not need to do it in a single attempt, and spoil everything poses no issue with the quest. Soon after your descent, a Storm terror appears, in addition to kinematics that should not take you excessive time to go.

This part needs to not take you too much time.


After finishing the mission for the Cite de la Liberty, you get the Dragon Storm mission and can modify the look of your wing in the locker room.