Get Ready For Atomic Heart: Check Out The Action-Packed New Gameplay Trailer!

Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Sunfish published (as we reported the other day) a brand-new gameplay scenes in the form of a fresh trailer for the Atomic Heart. Now there are more details about the 1st-person action-RPG, which plays in an insane utopian alternative pre-WWII world and on February 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One and the PC. For this purpose, the game will be available straight for publication in the Xbox Game Pass. Enter a crazy and ruthless world Atomic Heart takes players into the 50s, an alternative story in which enslaved robots have come true.

People and robots appear to live in consistency, however as a sudden rebellion grabs, the devices and other failed experiments should be stopped. The gameplay overview trailer shows insane brand-new recordings of a unique shooter, which not only shines through its combat system, but likewise through its setting, characters and profound gameplay mechanics. The brand-new eight-minute gameplay video can be seen here: A difficult combat system and explosive encounters let the video game that have ended up being wild, gigantic Techs and even mutants chase after the air. You need to adjust your combat design to every challenger, always enjoy your surroundings and improve your equipment in order to make a way through this synthetic insanity. Considering that you have 3 various levels of trouble to select from, it is in your hands how atomic experience should be-are you a hardcore player who is constantly looking for brand-new, more challenging action? Or rather the explorer, always ready to discover this distinct environment and in the story mode to be mesmerized by the captivating story? Four editions to warm the atomic heart Players can choose between four editions: The Standard Edition, which includes the video game Atomic Heart-69.99 euros (XGP). The Gold Edition, that includes the computer game and the Atomic Pass. Atomic Heart-Gold Edition (pre-order) -99.99 euros. The Premium Edition, that includes the video game, the Atomic Pass, an exclusive digital art book and extra cosmetics. Atomic Heart-Premium Edition-109.99 euros. The minimal edition bundle is just readily available in the Focus Entertainment Store and consists of the computer game, a steel book, a metal poster and the official art book, developed by Sunfish. About Atomic Heart. Welcome to a utopian world loaded with wonders and perfection in which people reside in consistency with their faithful robotics. Well, a minimum of that's how it was. Since the start of a new robot control system happens in a few days, just a tragic accident or a worldwide conspiracy can ruin this paradise...


The unstoppable course of innovation and secret experiments have caused mutated animals, fearsome makers and robotics with enormous forces-which now all of a sudden turn against their creators. Only you can stop them and learn what is behind this idealized world. With the battle skills and your toolbox on blades and modern weapons, you combat for your life in explosive and wild encounters. Adjust your fight style to every single opponent. Combine your resources and abilities, utilize the environment and improve your devices to fight and survive for great. A similarly crazy and grand, utopian world. Naturally directed, unrelenting and magnificent battles. Destroy gigantic devices and damage mutants with your abilities and advanced weapons. Enhance your arsenal and your devices. The Atomic Pass expands the experience of Atomic Heart with another four LCS that open access to new areas and laboratories, in addition to access to brand-new weapons, new opponents and bosses. Buyers of one of these current editions from Atomic Heart receive the Labor & Science Waffenkin-Pack as a bonus DLC. Atomic Heart will be launched on February 21, 2023, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.