Hendrick Zuck Shines for FC Kaiserslautern: Tightening Competition in Second Half of Season

Hendrick Zuck delighted a little less than 40,000 viewers in the Fritz Walter Arena two times on Saturday. He served Daniel Handle a flank with Effect into the penalty area, which led to 1-0. Terrence Boyd brought back from Dead by serving the 2-1 winning goal on the silver tray after Lantern's leading scorer left his tenth season hit in the much shorter prior to. Currently, at the start of the second half of the season in Hanover, the left-back put the hit for the beefy aggressor for the meantime 2: 1 up-to-emotion super over the chain with a skillful volley approval.

strong start of the year

3 templates in two video games, defensively confident performance and the grades 2 (Hanover) and 1.5 (Kiel) affirm to the definitely effective start of the year of the 32-year-old veteran. It was the finest games so far this season. His qualities on the offensive, which Zuck used to play as a left wing player or in the offending midfield, came into play less in the very first half of the season. Only one help existed. In the pre-season, he also contributed four goals and 6 templates to promo as a left-back, to whom Dirk Schuster's predecessor Marco Antwerp in January 2021. Something comparable had now expected the second half of the season. We tried to find the conversation with all gamers in the preparation period for the 2nd half of the season and told them what we expect, what they can do better and what we are satisfied with, stated Schuster, who would be pleased to offer another left foot for them in winter season Positioning would have devoted.


Zuck then probably observed himself: Those from the petrol station are worried about a brand-new left-back. I exist and typically played quite well. Yes, but it may likewise be sick or needs to stop briefly. We have to improvise. Our world of thought was also about developing a competitive situation.

Zuck comprehended this concept from us

Due to the fact that the market did not give the proper alternatives, those responsible on the Gutenberg needed to reject the plan. But Zuck comprehended this idea of us and played two really great video games, said Schuster. It wasn't constantly so round. When Zuck, who gave his expert debut for the Red Tougher in 2012, returned after stations in Freiburg and Braunschweig in 2018, he typically did practically all gamers and the whole club in the up next to the yard in the 3rd league. Rough time. Association like gamers have actually left this phase behind. As in the year of ascent, the Saarland native has actually long been an integral part of the routine formation in the 2nd league.

clever positioning game and good timing in duels

In the early fall of his profession, Zuck has actually constantly established. He offsets his speed deficit towards quick wing players in duels with a creative positional video game and excellent timing. His technical abilities are at a high level anyway. They did not lead him to the Bundesliga for absolutely nothing 11 years ago, even if the advancement was rejected to him. He is also an integral part of the team that he led in the group in the 2nd half of 2022 throughout the failure of Jean Zimmer.

Why is the upswing? Boyd has a method that probably also uses to the 31-year-old himself: Like one or the other, he is here: he matures like a great white wine. As is well understood, the Palatinate is the best flooring.