Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find the Demiguise Statues of the Feldcroft Region

33 in number through the game, the statues of Demise are necessary in Hogwarts Tradition. It is possible to discover in various areas and are important in order to finish the game 100%.


By recovering their moon to offer them to Glad win Moon, it is possible to ameliorate Alhambra to statue to greater level locks.

Instructions the Beecroft area to find half-consuming statues.

List and location of the Disguises in the Beecroft region

If they are needed to enhance the Alhambra spell, the fatigue statues are a bit special. The moons which hold can only be recovered at night, for that reason asking to date this minute, or to force it from the card.


From the Flame de Cheminette, go to the eastern part of the town. A house closed by a level 2 lock includes the statue.

Iron dale

From the fireplace flame, go really a little to the north to find a home in which the statue lies.