Indie Devs Rule The World: 4 Games Made By One Person That Were An Absolute Success

While the relentless game industry produces AAA works with gigantic budgets, but they don't always succeed, some indie developers simply create games that become a fever... and sometimes they are made by a single person. As is the case with the games listed below:


Probably Undertake is one of the best known examples. Made only by Toby Fox, the game reached a gigantic audience and a lot of notoriety in the gamer, to the point of being considered one of the best RPGs ever made.

Despite the graphic simplicity, the game is not to be desired in the aesthetic, nor sound, but especially in history, which is complete, deep and has several finals that vary according to their choices.

Stardew Valley is a life and farm simulation game, as well as being an RPG in which you can build your character the way you find it best.

It is well known and has become a success quickly. Many players do not know that it was made by only one person, Eric Barony who is also known as Conternedape. His work inspired several other titles and still inspires developers who are producing.

Chained Echoes

It is a slightly more recent title, released in late 2022, but which pleased JRPG fans for inging classic mechanics, but in a modernized way.


Of course several games do this, but Chained Echoes hits the fly. It is a classic adventure in a fantasy world, with war between kingdoms, strategic shift combat, powerful bosses and... strands. Chained Echoes is indispensable for classic RPG lovers who want the feeling of nostalgia.


Of course Minecraft has a full team today, especially after Microsoft acquired Moving, but the game did not start like this, as it was made by only one person: Marcus Person, better known as Notch. Since the launch of early access in 2009 he has been able to profit and improve the game until he managed to hire more people and create Moving. Still, the whole original concept that was so successful was implemented by him.