Review of Cougar Puri Mini Keyboard: Does It Have What It Takes for Victory?

The Cougar Pure Mini is a compact board. In spite of this however, The Pure Mini manages to mirror several of the design appearances of its bigger TKL counterpart in only 60% of the area.

The last is what perked my passion as Cougar has just recently launched the Pure Mini, a 60% DSA Mechanical Gaming Key-board. Can it hold an RGB candle to the Pure TKL? Get hold of that coffee, kick back, as well as discover out in our testimonial of the Pure Mini from Cougar Video Gaming.

A solitary USB Type-C port insets the back of the board while two flexible feet permit elevation adjustments of the Pure Mini. The tricks, while put close with each other are still full-sized thanks to their DSA profile. For those new to after-market key caps, there are a few aspects that comprise a special profile. Height, form, and also size all figure in developing a distinct appearance as well as really feel for the user. Click as well as change has an excellent article highlighting the difference for those that want to do a little late-night analysis. In the case of a DSA profile, they are particularly made to be consistent across all the secrets. This combined with their shorter elevation and sphere form design produces an inconspicuous feel and look that works well with the small profile of the Pure Mini.

The product defined in this short article was given by the supplier for analysis functions.

The Key to a Good Key-board is... The Keys.

For those so likely, The Pure Mini is sustained with Cougars PIX Software. I have to confess that I usually dread collaborating with outer software program as a lot of the time it's buggy or a basic rebrand of the very same generic software application. I have been happily stunned at just how well PIX has worked.

  • Present Price: $89.99 (Cougar Pc Gaming).
  • Key-board Design: Compact 60% DSA Mechanical.
  • Key caps: PBT Double shot Ball Shape.
  • Changes: Patron (Red) Mechanical Switches.
  • Lube Switches Over: Yes.
  • Anti-Ghosting Keys: N-Key Rollover.
  • Audio Taking In Foam: 2 Layers.
  • On-Board Memory: 3 Accounts.
  • Backlight: Underflow RGB Light Strip.
  • Link: USB Type-C to Kind A.


  • Wire Size: 1.8 m.
  • Weight: 678g.
  • Dimensions: 11.6 x4.8 x 1.5 (Inches).
  • Software Program: Cougar Pix (Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS).

While Ive already briefly mentioned the key caps it's time to dig right into the layout, look, and functionality of the Pure Mini tricks. Along with the DSA design the Pure Mini vital caps are also Double shot PBT caps suggesting that they basically have 2 separate layers of plastic, one for the cap as well as one for the letter inlay, merged with each other.

The Pure Mini is a solid-feeling board that looks minimalistic and sharp. Like the Pure TKL, the Mini comes with gaskets and acoustic foam developed in, minimizing the audio as well as supporting keystrokes. They do supply an RGB version of both the Pure Mini and Pure TKL which makes me wonder why one without RGB is needed.

Speaking of Profiles, the Pure Mini can stand up to 3 customized profiles along with a host of macro-programmed faster ways. They are simple to establish and also press to the keyboard making the entire experience positive, which is a change from much of the software application bundles I've collaborated with previously. As an included benefit, Cougar PIX is also readily available on Mac indicating you'll have not a problem rising and running on your MacBook Pro or Mac Mini if needed.

The board edge is marked with trademark screw heads that function as magnetic support points for the consisted of plastic dust cover. The aluminum faceplate has a brushed, textured surface while the key caps have a nice two-tone gray as well as black motif. If you look at the Pure Mini from an angle you can see the FN procedure of each trick too. The bottom consists of a vibrant RGB underflow light highlighting the edges of the keyboard.

While the Pure Mini does have an FN vital set to take care of these functions, not having the physical buttons was trouble a lot more than when during my testing. Again, this is not a strike versus the Pure Mini in any means, even more simply a note for those interested in trying out a Compact keyboard.

Final Thoughts.

I've been evaluating Cougar Pc gaming products because 2018, and I need to claim that it's been fascinating to watch exactly how they have actually established and also refined their peripherals over the years. Surprisingly among the very first items I ever before examined, the Pure TKL RGB Mechanical Keyboard, is still one of my preferred keyboards.

Plug and Play.

While this isn't a critique of the Pure Mini I did desire to discuss a quick note for those that might have never made use of a small keyboard before. I never ever realized how much I leveraged the arrowhead and also erase tricks for fundamental work features until they weren't readily offered.

The Pure Mini from Cougar Gaming is a strong follow-up to the Pure TKL. It supplies the very same fantastic buttons, a wonderful reduced account, durable key caps, and also the same marginal design that I like regarding the Pure TKL. Its leverages its portable design well as provides a wonderful service. The included PIX software is likewise a notch over the majority of the various other peripheral software application out there. It is a bit of an enigma to me why there is a variation of the Pure Mini without RGB secrets however regardless the board is a strong offering from Cougar Pc gaming. Priced at $89.99 USD, the Pure Mini is worth thinking about if you are in the marketplace for a capable small pc gaming board.

The Mini comes outfitted with either red or blue PATRON mechanical switches. The structure of the red keys is straight which sets perfectly with the round form style of the key caps because your fingers will naturally relax at the center of the trick. To add to a silent and also already smooth typing experience, Cougar likewise lubricated all the secrets on the Pure Mini better lowering the sound triggered by springtime recoil.

The Pure Mini is designed to be a no-fuss, no-muss keyboard. Therefore, it can extremely easily be a plug-and-play experience for those looking for a quick, mobile keyboard alternative. The included USB Type-C wire offers nearly two meters worth of size to wrap about any arrangement. Additionaitionally the previously mentioned Safety cover suggests that packaging and unloading the Pure Mini is very easy without concern of harming the board throughout transport.

The entire switch as well as cap layout as well as application feel fantastic and also offer a strong experience for pc gaming and also efficiency alike. As pointed out, while I do prefer brown or blue secrets, the PATRON mechanical red switches respond exceptionally well, provide a quieter pc gaming experience and really feel terrific even over a lengthy play or job session.

They do use an RGB version of both the Pure Mini and also Pure TKL which makes me ask yourself why one without RGB is needed. While Ive already quickly discussed the key caps it's time to dig right into the design, look, as well as performance of the Pure Mini secrets. Along with the DSA style the Pure Mini essential caps are additionally Double shot PBT caps implying that they essentially have 2 different layers of plastic, one for the cap and also one for the letter inlay, fused together. The Pure Mini from Cougar Gaming is a solid follow-up to the Pure TKL. It is a bit of a mystery to me why there is a version of the Pure Mini without RGB secrets but regardless the board is a solid offering from Cougar Gaming.

With assistance for N-Key rollover, the Pure Mini is designed to never ever miss out on a keystroke. N-Key Rollover is a term utilized to define a board's capability to actively check each key separately versus the Computer attempting to manage it all. While I personally lean a lot more towards blue mechanical secrets I will certainly say that I was fairly delighted with the feel and also reaction of the Pure Mini.

It instantaneously grabs and also registers the Pure Mini when connected in and provides some wonderful functions such as macro programming, Button task, as well as Homemade, the latter of which permits you to disable certain key mixes (e.g. Alt+ F4) while in-game. RGB manages for the included underflow light can likewise be discovered here and offer the common aesthetic adjustments. The software program works wonderful, has a clean layout, and also has no problem-saving accounts to the Pure Mini.

The key caps feel textured to the touch and ball-shaped secrets in fact strongly define where my finger must relax. In my testing, this resulted in much less mashing of 2 tricks which I am vulnerable to do.

A Great Form Variable.