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Review of Cougar Puri Mini Keyboard: Does It Have What It Takes for Victory?

The Cougar Pure Mini is a compact board. In spite of this however, The Pure Mini manages to mirror several of the design appearances of its bigger TKL counterpart in only 60% of the area. The Key to a Good Key-board is... The Keys. Final Thoughts. Plug and Play. A Great Form Variable. Specifications The last is what perked my passion as Cougar has just recently launched the Pure Mini, a 60% DSA Mechanical Gaming Key-board. Can it hold an RGB candle to the Pure TKL? Get hold of that coffee, kick back, as well as discover out in our testimonial of the Pure Mini from Cougar Video Gaming. A solitary USB Type-C port insets the back of the board while two flexible feet permit elevation adjustments of the Pure Mini. The tricks, while put close with each other are still full-sized thanks to their DSA profile. For those new to after-market key caps, there are a few aspects that comprise a special profile. Height, form, and also size all figure in developing a distinct appearance as well as r

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